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Dagenham Dairy

Scandia designed, supplied, delivered and installed a dual compartment temperature controlled coldstore for a busy dairy within Dagenham.

The room was designed to be built along the back end of their broad warehouse to not cause any obstruction to the dairy vans. The lengthy design, covering 25 metres in length, made ease of storage of their milk trollies, the milk coming into one side from delivery, and being rotated clockwise around the walls to then be collected for despatch.

The rooms were complemented by large manual sliding doors that were all manufactured in house and manually constructed to the appropriate size. The tracks were specced to the appropriate size to cope with the weight of door blade.

Our tidy and precise refrigeration works were called upon as the coldstore was on-show through the side doors to a main-road. Our lead engineer carried out very tidy pipework and electrical works, keeping the route symmetrical for aesthetic purposes. The rooms needed four pairs of TeCool remote systems, installed in a close-coupled style, finished off with EVCO control panels.

Dagenham Dairy | Scandia Refrigeration

Oxford Brewery

Scandia supplied and installed an 8 metre x 11 metre chiller room at a brewery in Oxford. The room was located in their main building and used to chill their kegs in a space where they can be moved around with ease. We had multiple columns to insulate and clad around within the room, this allowed the client to use all of the available space. For access, Scandia supplied and installed a large 2.8m x 2.8m sliding door to allow staff in and out of the room with pallet trucks. The client required a fire-exit, to accommodate this we installed a pedestrian sized door to the side of the coldroom.

Like all of our rooms, the panels were all pre-fabricated in our factories and arrived on site, causing minimal disruption on site and speedy installation.

Oxford Brewery | Scandia Refrigeration


Scandia supplied and installed a very cost-effective turn-key solution in Barking. The client required a 10.6m x 4m coldroom with a separate store at 4.5m x 2.5m in another location.

The project was on a strict budget and a tight lead-time. By using our Scandia polyurethane panels with our TeCool monoblocs we were able to ensure these coldrooms were on-site, installed, within 5 days of order.

These rooms were chilled by 3 horse-power monoblocs. These coldrooms present a fine example of just how versatile monoblocs are - where split systems would be usually installed in this situation, our heavy-duty monoblocs stood up to the test.

Barking | Scandia Refrigeration

Rochdale Mortuary Chamber

Scandia were instructed to manufacture and install a small 6-body mortuary room for one of our valued customers in the North. The room was no larger than it needed to be, at 2.56 x 2.46 x 2.2m. Scandia also supplied and installed the mortuary racking, including the trays.

We designed the chamber so the evaporator inside had enough room to site and the ceiling was just high enough so the air had room to circulate and disperse across the trays.

The client had recently moved into the new building and wanted to have the centre up and running as soon as possible. We responded to the urgency and installed the rooms and the racking upon order, whilst awaiting for the trays to be delivered directly to the site at a later date.

Rochdale Mortuary Chamber | Scandia Refrigeration

What our clients say

We bought our first coldroom from Scandia in about 1992, since then I have lost count of how many coldroom rooms we have bought. We keep coming back each time due to their prompt and helpful staff; nothing is too much trouble for them.

Fruit Cold Store

In our larger works, we are often called upon by supplier of the London wholesale markets. Scandia designed, supplied and installed a large chilled fruit store in one of the busy London markets. The room stretched 14.1m wide x 19m long and towered at 7.1m high. The works begun with some days dismantling, removing and carting away the existing, outdated cold store in place. Using our own plant, brute force, and multiple trucks, the room was completely cleared and disposed of in a matter of days. This allowed a fresh canvas to work from. Our industrial team, guided by one of our project managers, installed and commissioned the large store in line with the agreed works specification and on target for the deadline given.

The room's key features include the stepped height ceilings and the 3 insulated auto-roller-shutters.

The end result left the customer very satisfied with a practical cold-store that is very pleasing to the eye.

Fruit Cold Store | Scandia Refrigeration

Technology Park

Scandia supplied and installed a neat 4 metres x 2.5 metres high temp/low temp dual compartment in Glasgow. The freezer and chiller, designed 50/50 split, were fitted with our TeCool monoblocs, LED flat panel lighting, and heater mat to the freezer. A high concern was the rooms losing temperature in times of use, to reduce the possibility of this we installed visual and audible alarms for high temperature, low temperature and door opening.

These coldrooms were made-to-measure, designed and pre-fabricated in house with an inward opening door to the chiller to allow for the structural door to be able to swing open without coming into contact with the coldroom.

Technology Park | Scandia Refrigeration

North-West Pharmaceuticals Room

Scandia supplied and installed a pharmaceuticals room in the North West region. Our valued client asked for a fourth Scandia room for one of their various sites. The client stipulated the need for a sliding door due to lack of space around the room. Also a Monobloc was opted for in this case, the location of the room and the proposed location for a Monobloc was too far and did not weigh-up in cost effectiveness.

The store was racked out using our grey powder coated wire shelving at 1800mm high, optimising the available height of the coldroom.

Scandia assisted the main contractor in all aspects of the coldroom installation, discussing the requirements and ensuring we maintained high attention to detail.

North-West Pharmaceuticals Room | Scandia Refrigeration

Dentistry Store

Scandia were asked to supply and install multiple temperature controlled hygiene rooms to a dentistry by one of our long standing customers. As this was to be sited in an already packed warehouse, the rooms were designed to suit locations where there was space left, along a corridor, and upstairs on a mezzanine.

The rooms were complemented by our lockable personnel doors with large clear-vision oval windows and ramps to suit the stores floor finish.

As the main store on the ground floor was situated in a busy corridor we covered the panels to 1m high in aluminium. The client was very conscious of the look of these rooms; the aluminium, the oval windows, and the coving to the internal gave the rooms an industrial, yet very clean and smart finish.

Dentistry Store | Scandia Refrigeration

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